Xtables-addons not in standard LEDE repository of software

Are there no prebuilt xtables-addons packages for MIPS? I'm on a Netgear WNDR3800CH.

Xtables-addons is distributed in the form of varous iptables-mod-... packages:

  • iptables-mod-compat-xtables
  • iptables-mod-nathelper-rtsp
  • iptables-mod-account
  • iptables-mod-chaos
  • iptables-mod-condition
  • iptables-mod-delude
  • iptables-mod-dhcpmac
  • iptables-mod-dnetmap
  • iptables-mod-fuzzy
  • iptables-mod-geoip
  • iptables-mod-iface
  • iptables-mod-ipmark
  • iptables-mod-ipp2p
  • iptables-mod-ipv4options
  • iptables-mod-length2
  • iptables-mod-logmark
  • iptables-mod-lscan
  • iptables-mod-lua
  • iptables-mod-psd
  • iptables-mod-quota2
  • iptables-mod-sysrq
  • iptables-mod-tarpit

I googled and found information to install geoip and it's dependencies, but xtables-addons are required to specify country codes. I've tried downloading the source and compiling with not much luck. That's why I was wondering if and which package contains the country codes.