XRX200 Bricking with latest snapshots?

Hello, I self build lede for my routers (xrx200 based, bt home hub 5a and tp link w8970) from a while (2 years or so). I was using a build from 5th January working completely fine, so when i saw branching into 17.01 I decided to upgrade to pick up latest changes (thinking it should be pretty stable being a stable branch).
Well, there started the problems... bt home hub 5a bricked on sysupgrade with an ugly "spurious irq error" spam in console kinda like a kernel panic and fixed green lights, same for w8970. I've cleaned my building machine thinking it was an error and recompiled several times but it always end up on the same result since 2 days of tries..

Did anyone try last snapshots and got issues or it's just me? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting this, I've pushed a fix to master and the 17.01 branch.
It should work properly now.

Thank you Felix, as per previous contact you've been super gentle and fast :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work :D:D

Confirmed working on new snapshot, but it was obvious :wink: