XR500 Support and installing OpenWrt

Hey Guys, i am pretty new into custom router firmware's and stumbled upon openWRT and i was wondering if there is way i can install in onto my XR500. I am competitive cod player and i am looking to reduce my latency and my buffer bloat.
A. I do not know how to install OpenWRT on to my XR500
B. once i install it i want to reduce latency and buffer bloat without limiting my bandwidth,
C. I am a NooB and i do not what i am doing :). i willing to donate to whoever that can help through this whole process and if can get on discord and get on a call that would be amazing!!!!
Please help!!

At the moment, the xr500 is not supported by OpenWrt, but that might change soon.

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I wish that.

It's supported now with Openwrt 22.03.

Just to double check now that the XR500 is supported, is the correct way to update it from OpenWrt pre-release 22.03.0-rc6 (or any OpenWRT release) to just install a sysupgrade image from here using the "Flash new firmware image" button? I'd assume this to be fine, but I wasn't able to find information specifically about upgrading the XR500, and I know some routers require different techniques for upgrading.

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Thank you for the quick response. Though this commit doesn't mention the upgrade process once OpenWRT is installed, should it be assumed to work in the usual way (i.e., sysupgrading through LuCI)?

sorry, misread.

yes, it's the normal procedure for pretty much all devices, including the XR500.

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