XMail, has it been available for OpenWRT/LEDE in the past?


Trying to set up an experimental mail relay. There is a page about XMail in the wiki, but I can't find it in the packages. Has it been there, but now removed? Or is it still there, but I just can't find it?

Or is there already a complete replacement that I could use? Like postfix?

What about emailrelay? It's available as a regular package:

I use it to relay pdfs to the internet.

xmail is was available in 14.07, but under "oldpackages":

IIRC, oldpackages means that there was no active maintainer any more, which was the reason to drop xmail in 15.05. There is no "oldpackages" any more in 15.05:

If you want to use xmail, you have to compile it yourself.