Xiaomi WiFi Router 3G

That solution is not work for me. Thank you.

It should. You are doing smth wrong.

Tonight I try again. If I do not get it, I upload a video.

Thanks all again.

I am download firmware developer version of mi wifi r3g: http://bigota.miwifi.com/xiaoqiang/rom/r3g/miwifi_r3g_firmware_0a271_2.26.3.bin

I change the name to "miwifi.bin" and i put it in usb stick with fat32 format. I put the sub stick in router. I power off the router.
Then, with a clip I keep pressing the back button of the router. Without releasing it, I turn on the router and wait a few seconds. Now the led of the router should turn off and on, but what it does is leave a blue light for several milliseconds and return to orange. Several seconds later, the orange light flashes only once.

Hi guys! When the stable version of the firmware is released?

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You can unbrick with a serial connection. Look this post:

Edit: I think you only have to do till number (five) but with those commands:

setenv flag_try_sys1_failed 0
setenv flag_last_success 0


Than you can recover with your usb stick.

Edit2: added flag_last_success

I'm annoy to install a devellopement "snapshot" for this product.
How to be advert when an official release will be available?
I saw on the LEDE website which it's forecast for 2018, but when exactly?
Thank you in advance,

Try my custom builds, This is used to break through the Chinese firewall
Generally used in mainland China

Today i flashed new snapshot and when installing packages i got this error:

Unknown package 'samba36-server'.
Collected errors:
opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package samba36-server.

Why opkg cant find samba package ? I flashed without keep settings

Because it's missing from trunk repositories add the stable(17.01) repository to the opkg conf and then update then install.. it can be used to install not kernel dependent packages.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

LuCI not included in trunk/snapshot builds. that is why you cannot access it...

in new lede/openwrt builds there is ssh server which is passwordles, so you can log in create password/config router then reboot, or install luci. after password is set ssh will be protected by it.

I am looking to replace my Archer C7 and I am about to buy this Xiaomi router but still pretty sure if it worth it, I can see that latest snapshot is quite stable but not sure about the SoC. What do you think guys? Will it be fully supported with a stable image soon?

I have mixed feeling about this router. It has USB 3.0, wifi 5ghz and is cheap, but FOR ME on lede it is not usable. I reverted to stock firmware yesterday and it is working 100% fine for now (i experienced wifi 2.4 bugs and short range on lede). My cheap TP-Link router in 125mW has better range than this with 4 antennas... It will be stabile image soon as far i know right. Maybe i would buy this router again... I don't know, i will see how stabile release will work.

BTW. Can someone tell me what is max TX power of this wifi chipset (both 2.4 and 5)?

I am able to create image for LEDE 17.01.4 with compatible kernel (so it could work as official). I have already prepared patched imagebuilder.

Only problem is driver - I mean 2.4GHz WiFi support. But things get better with time.

beside the problem with 2.4Ghz, are there any major issues with LEDE in this router?

Is there a quicker way of flashing BREED besides compiling LEDE w/ writable mtd partition?

hey Guys,

today seems that i`ve had hard bricked my mi 3g:( loaded few mins ago on working LEDE with LuCI this upgrade:



now from more than 30 mins its flasing constantly in such loop:

  • constant orange color and after 10 sec and after that
  • blinks on blue for a 0,5 sec
  • again constant orange for 10 sec and
  • and switching off led for 1 sec. and starting again

already tried:

  • cut off power and reset swtich for 10 sec. but seems that this is not working at all...

any ideas?

PS> on eth when i`m connected i do see link for 10 sec. with ip and its reseting...

Thanks in Advance

Those who experience disconnections on 2.4 ghz
uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[0].disassoc_low_ack='0' && uci commit