Xiaomi wifi r3p pro spi flash unbricking

Hi everyone, I bricked my xiaomi r3p pro router. I wanted to try the method, were i have to bridge J11 and J10 and boot with a new bootloader from the SPI flash. If I power the router on, I get nothing. No light, no Serial output.. nothing. I never found someone who explained how to write the bootloader to the flash. I guess the way I did it, simply doesnt work. I messed around with dd to make the file the same size as the flash and then used flasrom on an raspberry pi to write it.
I created a file that is as big as the flash with: dd if=/dev/zero bs=524288 count=1 of=padded.bin
than i put the botloader in that file with: dd if=pb-boot-r3p-spi.bin conv=notrunc of=padded.bin
and finally flashed it with flashrom -p linux_spi:dev=/dev/spidev0.0,spispeed=1000 -w padded.bin.
Thanks in advance.