Xiaomi Router Pro R3P How To Access SSH?

I am fairly new to openwrt and the said router in the title and confused. I would like to access ssh on my router first to confirm that I have ESMT chip before I try to install openwrt as mentioned here: https://openwrt.org/toh/xiaomi/xiaomi_r3p_pro

And I quote

NAND chip warning

Users have reported issues with the models that use the Micron NAND chip. Particularly those that have bad blocks. Until the problem has been resolved, make sure your NAND chip is manufactured by ESMT before installing OpenWrt (or you have soldered the pins and have a UART handy in case things fall apart).

You can determine the NAND chip on your router by looking at the bootlog message (by ssh'ing to your router and running dmesg. If you're feeling particularly lazy you can run dmesg | grep “Manufacturer ID: ”. Note that if your router has been running for a while the boot message may not show up in dmesg. Reboot your router.).`

So I am confused which firmware should I use?

The developer firmware? http://cdn.cnbj1.fds.api.mi-img.com/xiaoqiang/rom/r3p/miwifi_r3p_firmware_daddf_2.13.65.bin

Or the firmware which I downloaded directly from https://d.miwifi.com/rom/ssh?

I've found the answer if anyone will have this question on the future..

  1. flash the developer firmware
  2. get the ssh.bin file and flash it after

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