Xiaomi Router mi 3, closed outside Padavan

Hi OpenWRT forums.

I own a Mi Router 3, and followed this very good tutorial on installing padavan using prometheus.

It worked (I kinda suffered in enabling SSH) and in the end I happily configured Padavan.

My setup was using the xiaomi router 3 as a bridge to an existing wifi connection: I think I gave the same subnet mask to the xiaomi router.
In other words, I'm not given any IP address if I connect to the router itself, not even via ethernet cable and assigning to my computer a stati IP address.

I soldered the pins on the serial interface, and was able to connect using several utilities I have on my other linux machine, but eventualy just seeing garbage (Tries alomst all combination, but all guides advice 115200.

I really frustruated because I almost closed thge whole process and kinda fell on the last mile, but what can I do now?

if I wire connect my ubuntu to the router and type:

sudo ifconfig enp4s0 netmask 

I am not able to see the router (which should appear at

Are there any hard reset? like factory resetting padavan?

Since your question is regarding installation of Padavan (and not OpenWrt), you might want to ask in the appropriate Padavan support channels.

You are coorect Thomas.
Can you name any? I've seen a lot of discussion on this topic on the openWrt forums.

Feel free to address me on other sites.

Thanks for the reply!

Sorry, I have no knowledge about Padavan support.

Ok, I fixed this by pressing for ten second on the resert button while the router was actually working.

The only online help around these topic is this

forum https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=736801&st=19100#entry68306060

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