Xiaomi Router AX3200 or Edimax GEMINI rg21s

I've a Fibre 200mbps connection and ISP's default router (Huawei HG8145V5). I was thinking to buy either on of the above routers mentioned in the title. I hope to connect my default router to the WAN port and use. These are the only 2 routers I was able to find in my country which supports OpenWrt.

I've already looked on to the forum and saw that AX3200 has 2 different (international and chinese) and it involves some rather advanced steps to flash OpenWrt (I already have TTL to USB converter tho, but is worried if I mess up and it get hard-bricked).

Please recommend me a router to buy.

The Edimax is "old" AC wifi, the Xiaomi new AX.
For your current speed, both will work, the Xiaomi is however more future proof.

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Thank you! I had doubts about installing OpenWrt on it. I should be okay as long as I follow the instructions of installing it right?

I guess, Xiaomi have a tendency to replace components mid product life cycle, there's always a risk of softbricking, because they've done it again, and it takes a while for openwrt to catch up.

Didn't read the Edimax install instruction, their devices doesn't receive a lot attention here, they're not very popular, for reasons unknown (price ?).

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I see. Hopefully available software will be worked with the device that I'm going to buy.

In here Edimax one is slightly lower than the Xiaomi in price. I didn't find any Edimax in my country rather than this model. Also the other model available is Xiaomi AX6000 which is not supported OpenWrt or something.

Where's "my country", perhaps there are better options out there ?

It's 'Sri Lanka'

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