[Xiaomi Router 4A Gigabit] How to know which flash chip it has?

Hi there.
I'm having some issues with my Xiaomi 4A GB router since i've bought it (2 months ago), which consist on devices getting deauth on 2.4Ghz (phones and a laptop) 3 or 4 times a day.
Anyway, I don't know if this is the correct place to discuss this (since this is happening on stock firmware), but if anyone is interested on help me troubleshotting it, feel free to send me a message.

Leaving that behind, i'm interested on installing OpenWRT. I've seen a lot of tutorials and i am pretty sure how to proceed, but recently i've read that some models were shipped with a new flash chip that has caused some trouble to some users.
Is there any way i can check which chip my device has?
I've tried the OpenwrtInvasion tool and that gave me root access, but i'm not sure if that's enough.


What's supported -

Check for an FCC ID on the outside of the device.

It is very easy to open up the router and inspect the markings on the 8 legged chip.

Update: It is possible to read the markings on the chip through the holes in the bottom cover.

I've bought it on South America.
And no, it didn't came with any adapter.

Is there any software tool that allow me to see this info?

TechInfoDepot lists an FCC ID for the 4A gigabit -

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Thank you for correcting me. I've added the missing FCC ID to the Device hardware data page

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Not unless it's displayed somewhere in the 4A's user interface.

Best way to find out for sure is to simply follow @bill888's advice to remove the 2 screws under the label, and remove the back.

You won't hurt anything.