Xiaomi Router 4A (100M) Issues

I dont know but this router is a big headache to use with OpenWrt, either using the latest stable release (22.03.5) or the latest snapshot. None of them really fixed the issue.

The issue is related to the router it self crashing for no reason, see the logs but no useful stuff you can get out of it. cant access luci, no ssh, no useful output with usb ttl when it crashed.

The crash can happen either just a few minutes after it boots or a few hours if im lucky.

So far the only plausible way to get this router working for months without any issue is by disabling the 5GHZ wifi radio. Its dumb but it works, yeah basically a glorified Xiaomi Router 4C.

So far, the only way to get the 5ghz radio working stable is:

  • use X-WRT firmware
  • use stock firmware
  • use padavan firmware (requires breedweb and a custom bootup parameters... see 4pda for more info).