Xiaomi Router 3G crash every day


I have a mt7621 router (Xiamomi Router 3G) that use to crash every day, I configure a syslog server to catch thoose logs:


I uploaded the last logs to pastebin: https://paste.debian.net/1126301/

How could I debbug it deeper? I am using 18.06.6 image.


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You mean Xiaomi Mi Router 3G (mir3g)

I have the same router, does not crash with 18.06.6 (I have another issue, no ipv6)

The logs are very unclear, did you get the system log? Insert a usb storage and direct the logs directly to usb, might be a better chance to diagnose... or if you have no usb key, then store the logs anywhere else outside of /tmp, for example to /etc and then you can get them.


I upgrade the image to latest 19.07. Hope this will fix the problem. I have same router in other location running well too.