Xiaomi Router 3G - can't obtain SSH access

I received my Xiaomi Router 3G today. I flashed the developer firmware linked to in the developer thread (now closed), and I've connected to the router from my Android phone via the MiWifi app, so I assume the router has been linked to my account. However, whenever I try to access https://d.miwifi.com/rom/ssh (yes, I'm using https, not http), the page hangs after entering my login details.

How can I enable SSH?

Did you install OpenWrt?

No. I'm not talking about SSH into the router once OpenWrt has been installed. The procedure to flash OpenWrt requires obtaining a file from Xiaomi to unlock SSH, and then flashing OpenWrt from the command line. However, the Xiaomi site remains inaccessible.

I managed to work it out. I could access Xiaomi's site once I tried connecting from home, so it was the internet connection at work causing the issue.

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