Xiaomi R4a 100mb - How to go back to global version firmware?

My miwifi mi a4 r4ac was originally global version.
After bricked it,
I used the miwifi tool downloaded from chinese miwifi site and Tiny PXE server tool as alternative,
and recovered it,
but now it's chinese version. How can I get back to global version with these recovery tools?
Or any other way?

I follow all step you given,
And is success with Chinese version

But when i try global version
It's didn't work,
After flashing this is stuck with orange light for hours & hours

Can you give me some international firmware link for r4ac ? Non-gigabit version

Do have the R4A 100mb or R4A Gigabit model?

R4a 100mb router

I'm afraid I only know of this source of known firmwares here:

The 4A 100mb is not as well supported as the 4A Gigabit on Openwrt and other forums.

You may have to search/request help on a xiaomi user forum such as:

miwifi_r4ac_firmware_2c4a7_3.0.5_INT.bin You can send a for me?

I would suggest removing your email address and communicate via direct message.