Xiaomi R3P wifi speed slower than original firmware


I've installed openwrt 19.07 to the xiaomi router and i want to use for an Access Point but i did a speedtest on the original firmware and with the openwrt, with the original firmware i able to get around 500-540mbit/s on my iPad Air 2 and my laptop (Intel 8650). After i installed openwrt and confiugre i only able to get around 370-400mbit/s. What can i do for improve the wifi speed? Currently the 5ghz band is on an unused channel and it has 160mhz channel bandwidth, i tested with 80mhz and the same thing happens.

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Try to install 19.07.1.
There were some problems (https://github.com/openwrt/mt76/issues/348) in 19.07 version.

Did you ever find the solution for this?