Xiaomi R3P pro No 5Ghz on 19.07.1

hi, i just installed OpenWrt current release 19.07.1 on mi router pro. 5Ghz wireless is not working it says 'Generic MAC80211 802.11acn device is not active' i tried enabling it after disable but it's not waking up.
also 2.4 GHz N not connecting with my mobile it says 'IP configuration fail' on laptop its connecting but no internet.

Can you please try to set the country configuration for the 5 GHz to default and the channel to auto?

I managed to activate 5ghz. Please help to configure Wan. I using mi router as acess point with its own DHCP server the Wan port is connected to my Fiber ONT dont require any PPPOe etc. I am not getting internet also wifi devices unable to get IP.