Xiaomi R3P - bricked

Hello Community,
I have a router xiaomi R3P which i bricked after trying to install SNORT feature on it. Probably too much unexperienced tweaking... ANyway at first i lost ssh and http LUCI access after which i tried a reboot which had totally made my router inaccessible, unresponsive, not loading the image i guess.
Not sure what exactly has happened but i dont think i had overwhelmed the system since before rebooting i removed SNORT and all the rule lists. So i assumed that is something related with enabling and starting SNORT process at startup, which again not sure if should have impacted.
Since i could nt revert to a known config or factory reset i gained control trough failsafe mode but i have copied a wrong bin image which i believe it bricked the router. It continuously, i believe reboots not allowing anymore not even failsafe.

Is there any other method of de bricking? I will try when i ll get soldering tool & RS232 TTL serial to console in - will this method work at this point?

Thanks in advance for any info.

serial console usually works, yes.

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firstboot should also work.

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Thx, but now i have no access to it. i ll try via console. u mean that it should work soft / hard reset commands once i get access?

Thanks guys for support so far but now i encounter a new issue. I succesfully connected UART and i get the bootlog messages but now i cannot make any choices from those 9. This is really frustrating nothing on www about. Do you know what can be?