Xiaomi R3G & USB3 speed

I have installed with many difficulty with SSH a OpenWRT firmware ( 2 box's )
I also bought two just because the case had a port usb3
I have connected a HDD USB3 / uas and SSD and i have a poor USB3 speed ( not in WIFI mode but with LAN port )
I even have USB3 boxes that do not work at all

If i compare with a WR1200JS with USB2 i have the same speed
it costs less
it also has many diodes to visualize its operation
Also easy for install OpenWRT

finally I think there is absolutely no interest to buy the XIAOMI product

On both units, connecting a USB3 device ruins 2.4ghz wifi. Not an issue with eSATA on the WRT1200.

One workaround is to use a kernel hack to force USB2 mode. But that's slow.

No good solution.