Xiaomi Mir3G V1 : serial, firmware developper impossible

Hello, I try since yesterday to install openwrt, but impossible in serial, UART, when I press the key 4, the option is not taken into account, it normally starts option 2.

Impossible to flash the developer firmware through the interface, it tells me that it can't check the file.

I also tried to flash the developer firmware by putting it on a usb key and pressing the reset button at startup, without success.

Thanking you in advance for your help.

Yes, this is the page I followed, but the developer firmware does not want to flash this, so blocked already from the 1st line. I really tried everything on this page, without success.

I suspect xiaomi has padlocked all the inputs since on the latest stock firmware, I flashed one in 2018 with no worries :slight_smile:

which one of them ?

I can see at least three different ways of doing it ...

All 3 methods, the exploit does not work either, connection refused.

and you used the miwifi_r3g_firmware_12f97_2.25.124.bin firmware, specifically ?

yes, tried with the miwifi_r3g_firmware_12f97_2.25.122.bin that I had also kept, same problem.

Are you sure that you have MIR3G and not MIR3 https://openwrt.org/toh/xiaomi/mir3?
I see in google 2.10.46 FW to be for MIR3.


Thank you very much, I am a fool, it is indeed a Mir3 that I bought thinking that it was a Mir3G. Thank you again, I could have searched for a long time.

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Awesome spotting, @Underworld.

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I have both of them hence was aware that it may have happen! No worries and good luck with the flashing.

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