Xiaomi Mini router AC - Unstable WiFi on smartphones. (Noob to OpenWrt)

So I read about the marvels of OpenWRT and installed on a Xiaomi Mini router AC that I had.

Works greatly... On wired devices.

Everything wireless related (except my windows computers) breaks oftenly. Most noticeable case is on smartphones. You're connected and says you have internet connection BUT once you disconnect from WiFi you are swamped in lots of notifications you didn't get while hooked up to WiFi.

Same goes with WhatsApp. I need to have the app open on my phone to get new messages.

Similar issues with Google Home devices (music stops or suddenly no smart devices respond to commands).

Netflix on wired TVs works like a charm.

Any suggestions? Again... Appreciate the patience to a very noob guy.


Also found out that restarting WiFi SSID from LuCi brings devices back to life. Sounds to mee like sessions is not keeping alive if that makes sense...

I have two minis running openwrt 19.02, and all clients are connected over wifi without problems.

which version are you running? - upgrade to latest stable release.
check the logs: logread or logread -f to see live what is happening.

good luck.

I'm on 19.07.02. Will run logread and give it a look.