Xiaomi Mi4A Gigabit overlay partition issue

Hello all
I have installed openwrt on xiaomi mi4a gigabit (flash 16 and 128 Ram) version recently
with 16 mb flash i see that there is only 8 mb of overlay partition to install packages see my screenshot please

as the router doesnt have usb port , is there any solution to have a bigger than this small 8MB overlay partition ?
can we combine it with ant of exist partiotions ?

replace the flash chip or swap router

assuming there's actually any space available, and you're willing to build your own images

or you could try to mount a network resource where you would go to put installation files or whatever

it would not be an overlapping partition, but would allow the filesystem to be expanded

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it's an excellent suggestion @ncompact is making, but keep in mind the resource have to be available 24/7, just like the router.

it was obvious that the resource must be available 24/24, but it seems to me the simplest way to solve the problem

or swap routers for something expandable, multiple usb ports or sata ports

Xiaomi Mi4A - official store mi.com - 39,99 € euro
Avm Fritzbox 4040 - amazon.it - 75,99 € euro (1 usb port 2.0 + 1 usb port 3.0)

clarification, I'm not a fan of avm, but I'm happy with the model chosen by me, other routers are equally valid (you just have to think about the purchase with a little foresight)

to replace the memory chip, you need equipment and expertise, it won't always be possible to do the job cheaply ...

I agree,

I didn't mean it as a negative comment, just a warning, so OP's aware.


16MB is plenty of storage for packages if You use https://firmware-selector.openwrt.org
Building all in one firmware will save some space. After that is possible to use RAM in /tmp to keep files like addblock lists that hardly fit on storage.

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depends on what you're installing, the vray / v2ray package won't fit a 16 mb device.

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is it possible to reduce temp partition and add to overlay ?
i check the custom image but cant find partitions options

plenty ?! perhaps but not chalengable :upside_down_face:

tmp is RAM, not flash.

so what is the other partition of flash other than overlay ?

Does it matter ?

Are you willing to build your own images for your router ?

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yes i want to install more packages so i need a bigger overlay partition would you please give me a step by step tutrial to do that ?

And how much will you gain by allocating all "available" flash space ?

Is it worth the effort, compared to buying a new router?