Xiaomi mi wifi 3 support

Hi, i am on original FW, will you care to share details how did u manage to get it to work. Please tell me is it stable? Thank You.

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is there any hope .....can detect usb serial with xiaomi

the RX dont function
can use the keyboard while in serial connection

Hi Eddie,
I happen to have purchased a Xiaomi Mi3 Router on ebay with your build on it. (LEDE 1.8 r6504-b1ef157). Besides the fact that it runs fine, I noticed that there are newer OpenWRT 18 builds available, though I can't load them through the GUI, it says it's an incompatible file. As your website and repo seems down, may I ask what you propose ? I could also keep the current build as it works ok, but in the latter case I'd need to know which LEDE version would correspond to your build ? 17.04.xx ?


Hi Tomas,
This was my own build based on lede 17.x.x,which is no more supported due to WiFi stability problems.

Best regards

Ok good, thanks... then do you know why no other squashfs files are accepted ?

Thanks for your tutorial bro! my router is brought back to life as hell

here's my video review for performance test :slight_smile:

in X-wrt 5ghz working without problem but 2.4ghz extremely (around 1-5mbps) slow.Didn't find the solution yet.

Version: X-WRT 6.0_b201912290728 Eoan / LuCI Master git-19.361.58490-6053dc8

Can somebody build latest OpenWrt 19.07 firmware?


I flash my Mi Router 3 with x-wrt, but I would like revert to stock or padavan. How do I can revert this?

maybe this could help: Xiaomi mi wifi 3 support

btw, how wifi 2.4 and 5 ghz perfomance on x-wrt?

5 ghz good or excellent
2,4 ghz poor or bad.
In trying to solve this situation, but I don't know how.

Hi. I have a Mi Router 3 with PandoraBox (it's and old version I've installed a few years ago). Today I wanted to install some packages, but I think something is wrong with my sources, because I think a lot of packages are missing. This is my /opt/etc/opkg.conf file:

src/gz entware http://bin.entware.net/mipselsf-k3.4
dest root /
lists_dir ext /opt/var/opkg-lists
arch all 100
arch mipsel-3x 150
arch mipsel-3.4 160

Could someone share their opkg.conf file?

Anyway, I think I should definitely update the firmware. Should I update PandoraBox or should I try something like X-WRT?


infos for compilation:


sources ( slow )


Have updated just using the luci sysupgrade updater from the natcap version I was running to @ptp52's x-wrt-7.0-b202003151234 which seems to be working fine; however when I installed the sstp-client package and run sstpc I get:

Error loading shared library /usr/lib/pppd/2.4.8/sstp-pppd-plugin.so

I worked around that using LD_PRELOAD but then I get

Error relocating /usr/lib/sstp-pppd-plugin.so: fatal: symbol not found
Error relocating /usr/lib/sstp-pppd-plugin.so: snoop_send_hook: symbol not found

Sadly I can't see any way around this: I've made sure all the ppp related packages are installed, but I can't figure out which library is meant to be providing those symbols.

Should I have upgraded differently?

Edit: and as soon as I posted I realised the problem is actually that using LD_PRELOAD won't work - because it loads the library before the others, it means it can't handle the dynamic linking properly, so it just breaks.

ln -s /usr/lib/sstp-pppd-plugin.so /usr/lib/pppd/2.4.8/

seems to have done the trick.

2.4ghz was very unstable and weak on 6.0_b201912290728 version. any news about 2.4ghz in x-wrt-7.0-b202003151234 version? could you share your 2.4ghz experience

Difficult to say - I only use the xiaomi as a secondary AP so it's not under huge load.

What I can say is that I've been using it a lot this week since it's in the area of the house I'm using as a home-office due to Covid, and it's been rock solid; however I'm only sat a couple of metres from the router.

Thank you for information. Could you please do some speed test when you connected to 2.4ghz band? At 6.0_b201912290728 version the router cannot afford more than 5 mbps on 2.4ghz even i sat 1 metres from the router.