Xiaomi mi wifi 3 support


Thanks @valentt

No problem. I figured I'd add it just so it could be easy to download together for those less inclined. An all-in-one solution kind of.

I actually took the instructions from the pastebin instructions posted much earlier on in this thread and just refined it a little more to what actually works and what worked for me numerous times.

I was once a new guy lol

Let me know what you think of it because I still have a lot to modify in it and to remove..


Exciting. Thanks for posting. I'll be waiting for user reviews. I found ptpt52's builds unstable in terms of wifi and throughput in my router.

Thanks again.


Any time. I'd tried to max out throughput, I've had no dropped frames and no disruptions in network transfers on both bands.
My original goal, which is almost done, is using orange pi zero plus'(for minimum) or Orange Pi Prime's built in to the xiaomi case(I'll desolder the protruding ports and pins and use cables soldered on for power and connectivity. I'll also rewire the HDMI port by extending it so it fits snuggly somewhere on the plastic body) and have a 3.9" touch screen also built in. Making it a completely mobile station. There's more to it but this should be a pretty nice little piece of equipment once I'm done.


Alright guys, I've been running this router full time for a week now and have experienced no dropped frames, or instability issues.

It hasn't even been rebooted during that time and the memory usage hasn't increased beyond its usual process usage.

I'm thinking it's pretty solid for now.



Unfortunately there is no feature-list in your folder. Could you please provide a list or at least write some information if there is wireguard-support already implemented or provide an image with this support?
I will get my Xiaomi Router Mi-3 in a couple of days and would love to use it as wireguard-server to get access for my home-network from remote.


Hi, were you successfull with wireguard-implementation? Is there any image-build with wireguard-server-support and have anyone compared the performance between wireguard and openvpn on this device?


could you please provide your running-great-version with wireguard for the xiaomi mi-3?


Hey, I have a readme with information of what is installed as mentioned in the very first post.

The wireguard versions are as follows:


I'll be releasing another version soon with a few minor modifications. I can't really be sure as to what all those will be as i'm still playing around with them. I have tons of these Mi R3's laying around so I have been playing around with mesh netting lately.


Wireguard (31052018) doubled speed over openvpn 2.5. I have understand: snapshot packages live veryshort period of time - 1 day, and in 1 day you need install all what you need without dependencies conflicts or you can wait for lede 18.06 stable release in end of june 2018


I was trying this version. load average was around 7.xx to 2.xx since the first boot and so on. I don't know why and can't figure it out. so I flashed it back to padavan.

Is it normal? how is your load average? is it this much?


My load average is 0.71, 0.38, 0.27



I have a MI Router 3 with firmware Prometheus.
I wanted to try LEDE.

Can i use the upgrade firmware in the Prometheus GUI and load this file:




I did not risk it.

Followed instructions from "mydarkthawts".
Went from Padavan to Stock to LEDE.



@mydarkthawts please share your finding because i now have 6 miwifi3 routers to span the whole house and would be very interested in your mesh nettings.


Probably the best course of action. Thank you for sharing that.


I will eventually type up my experience with it. =D

I'm currently working with a few extra clients that are distracting me from this project so I should get back to it eventually here soon.


Hi. Thanks for your custom build. I have a question. Is it normal to be response a 3 seconds slower than padawan firmware? Thanks.


I may have this problem too. Checking your load average. How much is it?


I returned to stock. But as i remember it was 5 4 4