Xiaomi Mi Router 4C - Unable to connect to router page after OpenWrt Installation


I'm new to Openwrt.
Today I installed it onto my router using the guide: https://openwrt.org/toh/xiaomi/xiaomi_mi_router_4c

However once it finished (disconnected me from telnet as it rebooted) the first thing it did was change the IP address, the router has all lights blue like it was before however I cannot connect to the IP address its currently sitting at and wifi doesnt come online so I cant connect to it. I've read that theres potentially a chance of bricking, but with it having the blue lights saying its online I feel thats nots what happened (i could be wrong?)

I'm at a loss to what I can do from here (please forgive my ignorance!)

I've reset back to original firmware - will give it another go from scratch

What address were you using? And what specific method were you using to attempt to connect?

OpenWrt's default IP is
Ethernet is required since wifi is disabled by default.
ssh is available with username root (blank password).
Web access is available if you've installed a stable release. Snapshots don't include the LuCI web interface, though.

I was installing on my second router, my main router uses, when i logged into that and looked at connected devices OpenWrt was on

I tried connecting to ethernet and turning off my wifi, and i still couldnt connect to it. However I didnt (stupidly) try whilst on the ethernet, thats for that tip RE wifi, i wasnt aware.

I'm going to give it another go tomorrow!

'All lights blue' is good sign. Router should work. Disconnect it from WAN, connect to LAN, and check, whether client gets IP from it.

This was my problem - retried today, plugged into ethernet and was on :slight_smile:

thanks a lot for the tip! Very happy it worked smoothly

can now confirm that firmware 3.0.23 on MI Router 4CM works fine with OpenWrt