Xiaomi Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition (R4AG/R4A Gigabit) -- fully supported and flashable with OpenWRTInvasion

just type the command,

any solution for this issue?

Why would I need avahi or udp-proxy when all devices are on the same LAN-bridge. Some are conneced on lan and some on wlan, yes - but I expect the device to bridge and convert mutlicast automatically.
With the snapshots earliert than 21.02. RC3 discovering the echo-devices from spotify did work just fine. What has changed?

I remember that there was a bug with igmp-forwarding in the mt76xx-switch-chip from one lan port to another and one had to put each of them in a separate vlan and bridge them together. Could the problem be related to this issue?

All you can do is set the wireless to auto channel (give a few minutes to find a good channel), country to your country code and leave at that.

if your wireless disconnects, use wireless-schedule in the repo to start and stop the wireless when not needed or a custom script to monitor connection and restart if need be.

I would report this issue to the openwrt github repo, as its RC release there will be issue or mistakes from the dev team, im just a contributer nothing more.

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Ok noted
Now is showing all channel


Problem does not occur on TL-WPA8630Pv1 which is QCA-based running 21.02.0RC4, so the problem seems to be MT7xxx related.
Maybe it is due to the lack of igmp-snopping support in hardware of the MT7530-switch? See (1) and (2)]

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have you already tried?
option disassoc_low_ack '0'
(option is also available in Luci, in the wifi advanced tab)

As explained at IGMP Snooping and DSA - #4 by LGA1150 , IGMP-snooping now works with DSA on MT7530 aka Mi Router 4G's Switch.

The question remains: why is the discovery of Alexa devices now broken?


The problem was related to a broken umdns-daemon in connection with seccomp.
I discovered the root cause when my dawn-daemon couldn't see other dawn-nodes on the same network.
Errormessage was: daemon.err dawn[x]: Failed to look up test object for umdns

The workaround listed on https://bugs.openwrt.org/index.php?do=details&task_id=3355 works:

cd /etc/seccomp
mv umdns.json umdns1.json
/etc/init.d/umdns restart 

After applying the fix to my Mi Router 4a Gigabit Edition and rebooting the router, my Echo-speakers were visible in Spotify again and the Sonos-app found the Sonos-speakers again.

Can I update to [Updated to v19.07.8 stable release upstream] https://gitlab.com/db260179/xiaomi-m4a/-/releases from version snapshot acecilia?

You can downgrade from snapshot versions, but config will not be preserved and will get a warning when attempting to upgrade - you will need to force upgrade, but take a note of config you have, as you will need to manually change again.

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Hi guys,

is wireguard working fine for you on v19.07.8? For me it's not working - it cannot send back packets, handshake cannot complete. Previously it was fine...

It seems this is fixed in RC3, I saw another user mention it. Currently happy with it.

Apparantely I hit known bug. After rollback from this soft, wireguard works without changing any config.

Is there a way to upgrade from OpenWrt 19.07-SNAPSHOT r11295-365d573af4 and keep all your settings?

Yes, just save your config System>Backup>Generate Archive and it will generate all of your configurations and use the config and upload it to your new firmware but I recommend to recreate a new config for the latest firmare like RC4

Hey folks,
21.02.0 first stable release is rolling out. Enjoy!

21.02.0 Download

21.02.0 Release Notes

21.02.0 Change Log

21.02 Roadmap and Release Goals


Finally!,Going to test it in my day off

Downloaded this image and before upgrade it promped:

Device xiaomi,mir4ag not supported by this image Supported devices: xiaomi,mi-router-4a-gigabit - Image version mismatch: image 1.1, device 1.0. Please wipe config during upgrade (force required) or reinstall. Reason: Config cannot be migrated from swconfig to DSA Image check failed.
The uploaded image file does not contain a supported format. Make sure that you choose the generic image format for your platform.

Should I proceeed by choosing "force upgrade"? I'm on 19.07.8.

Yes, but you should not keep your config. Cheers.


Hello,after Uprading my Mi router 4AGE from 19.07.8 to official 21.02 My PC can't access through internet even in 5G/AC WiFi network,after rebooting it the internet is back but if i reboot it again the internet access is gone again,what should I do?This never happens in 19.07.8

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