Xiaomi Mi Router 4a Gigabit edition doesnt recognize wan connection

hi , im new in here . i recently bought mi 4a gigabit edition but there is a problem . i directly connect my wan cable ( which is provided from isp , coming from outside ) to my router but it doesnt recognize wan connection . when i use another modem ( tenda f3 ) , it recognizes wan cable then i bridge it with 4a , it works fine . is 4a doesnt have modem mode or its another issue ? sorry for bad english , hope u will understand .

The mir4a-gbit is a wireless router, it does not contain any modem hardware (but afaik neither does the tenda f3).

Proper WAN configurations (VLANs, PPPoE, etc.) depends on your ISP's requirements, you must configure it according to their needs.

it comes with dynamic ip , nothing to configure i think .

Are you running openwrt or miwifi firmware?

Its openwrt , i solved the problem actually, thanks everyone.

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