Xiaomi Mi Router 4A 100M (MIR4A) searching OEM firmware image

Hi everyone!

I manage to install OpenWRT using acecilia's telnet exploit

One MIR4A 100m got softbricked. And I need to download the stock [chinese] firmware.

I hope someone has a copy of the firmware: miwifi_r4ac_firmware_e9eec_2.18.58.bin

http://bigota.miwifi.com/xiaoqiang/rom/r4ac/miwifi_r4ac_firmware_e9eec_2.18.58.bin is not accessible at the moment.

Right now is OK


can you confirm if you can download this? If yes, please have time to share it. I still cannot download


for people who needs the firmware. Hoddy shared this.

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