Xiaomi Mi Router 3G: SQM Performance?

I have a Xiaomi Mi Router 3G, running 19.07.2. I'm not using any WiFi: it is just routing.

I've recently upgraded my upstream internet from 100/5Mbit to 400/20.

When I turn SQM on, dslreports maxes out around 175Mbs download. Upload is fine. If I disable ingres shaping, dslreports shows as high as 472 (but of course, with bufferbloat).

I can't seem to get anything faster than around 175Mbps. I enabled SW and HW flow offloading (under Firewall), although it isn't clear to me if they make any difference on this model. My speed test results did not change.

Is this model capable of shaping 400-500Mbit traffic? I thought that it was, but I now realize that this device may be able to handle routing gigabit-ish, but it may not be able to shape it.



SW/HW flow offload and SQM don't mix I believe. If you're using CAKE, try switching to fq-codel and see if it makes much of a difference.

The combo of SW/HW flow offload and SQM is hard to decipher. I'm using this device as my router, but also using a Netgear 7800 as an AP. I was reading about its performance, and people with that device do see improvements with SW flow offload. The Luci GUI is very clear to mark those options as "Not fully compatible with QoS/SQM", but I don't understand what that exactly means. The hardware page for both devices is also not clear.

So I tried it. In this case, it didn't seem to help.

I'll do some testing with fq-codel.


@kevbo_oh do you have any updates? I'm also just trying with an MT7621 device (DIR-882) and although SW offloading makes a difference, HW offloading doesn't change anything. I'm trying to figure out if this is a bug or I didn't configure everything correctly.. Would you know what I need to check/configure? I don't need SQM at all but I think it is not even installed, the snapshot build was pretty empty, it didn't even have LUCI preinstalled.