Xiaomi Mi R4 v1 is there OpenWrt and is it safe

i bought Xiaomi Mi R4 v1 router is there tested openwrt for it? and what is procedure for flashing can be via web ui?


A serial link and webserver required according to commit:

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I cant find English firmwer its all in chinese

see Support for Xiaomi Mi Wifi 4 - #27 by tienthanh2509 and below

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Am scare to brick i just need on English

Why i need kernel bin? Can it be done on web ui

I dont know via serial

I am sorry, but flashing this router is not for noobs. I have bin messing around with openwrt for years and would struggle to get this one working. Good luck! You cant flash from UI.


Ok thanks for the notification,i will not flash router.

Also note that the XiaomiNet Wifi Router 4 is not the same as the 4A Gigabit. The former has NAND flash and I don't know if it's supported at all. The 4A Gigabit is 16 MB NOR flash and more widely seen here. The 4 has a single LED on its front edge, the 4A Gigabit has two LEDs on the top.

The only reason to consider buying these is that they are cheap. They're locked down and difficult to install or debrick. Not recommended for beginners.

Manufacturer's page for the "XiaomiNet Wifi Router 4." Click on Specifications on the left side and note the NAND flash and the extra MiNet Button, things that the 4A Gigabit do not have. At least on the English side, this company's model naming scheme is confusing.

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Yes look like that my xiaomi id there chanse to install via web ui its hard to use on chines

All Xiaomi models are locked down and difficult to install or debrick. Not recommended for beginners.

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