Xiaomi Mi Ax3000 mesh network with OpenWrt

I have a Xiaomi Mi Ax3000 not compatible with openwrt, I would like to know if I can configure another router with openwrt and put it in the mesh network. Ax3000 with another openwrt router in mesh network. Thank you so much.

The most likely answer is no. Most manufacturers mesh capabilities and connectivity between other mesh nodes are proprietary, so the likelihood you could get it to work is nil.

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Mi ax3000 firmware is based on openwrt.

If it’s based on OpenWRT and you can replace wpad-basic with wpad-mesh-wolfssl, then yes, you’re in luck of the minority cases.

If you can replace wpad AND if you want to setup vlans over the mesh, you’ll also want to make sure you can download kmod-batman-adv on the AX3000 too.

I'll wait for the mi ax3000 to be compatible with openwrt, I don't want to brick my router.