Xiaomi Mi 4A Gigabit Edition v1 support status?

I've been using OpenWRT on Xiaomi Mi 4A GE v1 since the 19.07.3 custom release. Nowadays I'm running custom 19.07.4 from araujorm (very big thanks to him!) and seem to have no issues.

However, I'd like to upgrade my router onto latest official build of OpenWRT. Unfortunately, two critical regressions keep me from doing that:

https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/issues/8984 (malfunctioning 5 GHz Wi-Fi)
https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/issues/8840 (malfunctioning WAN port)

Both regressions are known for a long time, but fixes are yet to come. There're some workarounds, but they aren't working for me.

Latest version I've tried was 22.03.2. At least WAN problem was still there.

Is there any hope someone will finally address those regressions? I see there's a new OpenWRT release 22.03.3 being pushed out, but no mention of Xiaomi Mi 4A GE v1-related changes.

Are we out of luck?

I'm not sure where mt76 is presently with regard to the MT7612 chip in that router.

The Ethernet ports are connected directly to the MT7621 SoC and thus work the same as any other model with that chip. There aren't any currently open issues. The report you linked is from someone who tried to do this:

The link speed auto-negotiation is broken. I've a 1Gbps switch and a 4-lines ethernet cable (pins 1 2 3 6). It should be possible to achieve a max speed of 100Mbps full duplex.

The GbE specification does not allow four-wire cables, in particular it does not mandate a fallback to 100 Mb. Operation with such a cable between two GbE ports is unspecified and does not work at all with many hardware implementations.

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