Xiaomi Mi 4A Gig repeater bridge config


Thanks to the huge thread I finally got my Xiaomi 4A Gig with OpenWRT, AWESOME.

I was using the router as "repeater bridge" I thing this is the exact term, as it is not WDS, wireless access point or simply repeater.

With the Xiaomi firmware it was connected to the main router using 5Ghz and creating 2 networks, one in 5Ghz and another in 2.4Ghz. For the clients it was totally transparent, Main and repeater use the same SSID, same subnet IPs, just a bit of roaming when switching between the two routers.

Well, I cannot reproduce the same configuration with OpenWRT. May it be not supported? May it require the proprietary driver?

Thanks a lot.

I managed to configure something which work as I wanted thanks to this page https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/relay_configuration

ISP ZTE F680 ---5Ghz--- Xiaomi Mi 4A w/OpenWRT --- 5Ghz + 2.4Ghz

The only set back is my ISP router changing WiFi Channel at will. It is firmware defect. I tried auto channel in the Xiaomi side but it does not look like it can cope with it. I have two guesses:

  • Relay config cannot cope with Auto channel selection (Master and client mode with auto channel)
  • The Xiaomi does not like higher that fifty channels as it was not able to connect even when it was with stock firmware. (Weird)