Xiaomi AX9000 - nand programming- noob question


what you suggest I should do install a spi programmer on the AX9000 board ? see pics below - in blue circle where I think I should install the programmer ... or do I just need to have a right clip

thank you

Did you check the device page on the wiki?

AX9000 doesnt have SPI-NOR at all, it only has NAND.

for the ax3600 there seems to be an spi header ...

the same for AX900

isn't there as a spi a nand programmer ?

The W29N02GZSIBA is a parallel NAND. Probably there is a co-layout with a place for SPI NOR (or NAND) but you would need to find out how to switch the SOC to boot from it instead of booting from NAND (I would assume bootstrap configuration with resistors).

Anyway, the thing you marked on the picture doesn't look like place for a SPI NOR/NAND. There is something on the right which looks more like a co-layout for WSON8/SOIC8/SOIC16 packages.

They probably used those in development to easily reflash the bootloader, but good luck finding the bootstrap resistors

That kind of approach gives manufacturer option to re-define product's specification with just BOM re-configuration.

IPQ8072 has 13 BOOT_CONFIG pins and all of them are regular GPIO pads, so there should be a way to find out them on the PCB with some effort (toggling related GPIOs and measuring). And boot media selection uses only 3 pins:

Yeah, it's not an issue of finding the GPIO you need to toggle, but finding it on the board, its just one of many resistors and they usually make sure not to mark them

Yep, but there is a big chance these resistors will be placed in a group with two nearby placeholders for each of them (for selecting pull- up and down depending on the placement). A good candidate I would start from marked below :wink:


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Sure, it can be done when you are desperate enough for example if you wiped the bootloader.
But its gonna be a guessing game