Xiaomi AX3600: USB MOD?

Hi there!

It is pretty hard to find datasheet to ipq8071a SoC (which is installed in AX3600), but according to qualcomm specs on it's sister SoC 8074, there is USB3 support.
I assume 71a should probably have it, but for some reason Xiaomi decided to not solder it.

  1. How do you think, how hard would it be to hack it to add USB?
  2. Can you help me to find proper datasheet for exactly ipq8071a, please? Neither DDG, nor Google gives anything related :frowning:

You are not going to find the datasheet, not even on weird chinese sites

It's a BGA package with 772 balls (signals) and 0.65 mm pitch so I would simply say: forget.

With these modern components everything is possible except that the investment will surely be higher than one million dollars

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