Xiaomi AX3600 INT firmware

International version of AX3600 started popping up,

If You get one please try to extract firmware so we can try to flash it on CN version.

It can be done by going to;stok=<stok>/api/xqsystem/check_rom_update

When update is pending, it should return url to update package



no url

Yeah, You have CN firmware and up to date, so You will not get nothing useful

We need someone with INT firmware which is out of date to use this method.

I am trying some tricks right now, maybe i will be succesful


URL sniffing don't work as well

You will not get anything useful if You are running Chinese firmware

API for checking FW is available, but is protected,&s= or &token= is the checksum maybe someone knows how to calculate that?


Someone got News?

I am trying to scrape CDN on which FW files are hosted, but it will take me about 30days


hi, it's something that i can do to help you?

we don't know if INT firmware will work on chinese version

at the not exist a INT firmware image for testing.

do You know how to use wfuzz or similar software? Fell free to PM me If You do

not at all, but i learn fast.

Hey, I've just recieved my AX3600 which had english (and other languages) out of the box.

I am thinking that my device might have international firmware, if there is something that you want to check let me know

Can you please try going to this link:;stok=<stok>/api/xqsystem/check_rom_update

You can get the <stok> value after logging in to your AX3600 interface at miwifi.com.

Please let us know the response code you got.

Thanks in advance.



already upgraded firmware ?

I didn't upgrade this router (at least manually), so I think that this is the version I got the router delivered to me. right now now upgrade can be found to the router

Does the international firmware allow using channels ch52-ch64 and ch100-ch144, assuming those are legal in your region?

If I read the stated advertising/ specification correctly, xiaomi seems to only list ch36-ch48 and ch149-ch165 in compliance with chinese non-DFS regulations, which would be rather a pity for usage in ETSI/ FCC regions.

these are the channels that is offered for 5ghz network:

I do not know what are the regulations here and it might have other channels channels open if you set a different country code.