Xiaomi AX3600 INT firmware

Could you give me a timestamp for those please?
Just for the laptop.
I must be missing it.

On which Firmware is it based on? Could you please upload this file again? Thank you!

You can use winscp

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On 3.0.22 international firmware, you can get it from here:

On 1:23 i put the new wifi 6 card 2:00 I start testing ax3600+Wifi 6 card

Hey guys, i recently got the ax3600 and used the crash partition elsewhere on the forum to edit the country code to US after gaining SSH access. I'm having dropouts and ISP is complaining that the router is frequently requesting a username or something like that even though I'm connected using DHCP. I am getting this in the logs:

send cmd: matool --method api_call --params /device/auth_check {"mac":"mac address","sn":"serial number"}
server ret: {"msg":"invalid deviceid","code":3029}

I don't know if that's relevant but it seems to coincide with the timestamps they gave me. Another thing is that the router is also constantly looking for an ntp status file:

"Can not find ntp status file: /tmp/ntp.status"
Waiting for ntp status ok, times: 5 duration: 5

Does this matter? I'm not sure what that's for. If anyone could let me know what the problem may be I'd really appreciate it.

I have permanent SSH access and changed to my country code. However I have issues with the Mi WiFi app. I have logged in, and selected the same country as I have my router configured to. But after detecting the router I cannot access anything on the app. It just fails to load settings etc.
Anyone else with the same issue?
EDIT: This is on an Android phone using the Play store app.

I have same issue. But my issue is because i'm using xqrepack scripts which disable few functions which result into this. In your case, did you use any script or custom firmware (with such functions disable)?

Hard to tell. I used this guide and script to gain permanent SSH. Maybe that disabled something too?

Very much possible. Can you post a question in that forum? That forum members can confirm.

I don't quite get the channel selection. Which should you choose if you want to use 160 MHz bandwidth (at 5 GHz)?

i have ax3600 global version. tx power is 20 dbm, i have changed country cn in bdata, and now 30 dbm.

but i have 2 questions,

1)how can i change back to original bdata for 20 dbm(i wanna set country code=eu), i have tried same way but it doesnt effect, still 30 dbm

2)may i set tx power 25dbm or 23 dbm or any number? 27 dbm high for me, but 20 dbm is low.

can someone help me?

You need to use one of the channels between 36-64, that's the only way you can get 160mhz. Why? I have no idea...

According to the WiFi Analyser app, I'm only emitting from 36 to 48, so that would be 80 MHz only, correct?

If this app reliable to determine bandwidth?

run in ssh and report
iw reg get

This also depend if your device is able to receive 160 MHz signal, if not you won't see that. If compatible, you have to disable WiFi 5 compatibility mode in the wifi setting, only then router will output WiFi 6 and depending on channel, also 160 MHz signal.

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Oh shoot, I had missed that. Of course, I still have some WiFi 5 devices

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How do you change the country in the bdata? I have permanent SSH.

Hello there, I just received my AX3600 global version. Its Version: 3.0.22 and about 5-6 times per day i get dropouts and losing packages with Wi-fi(5Gz) for 2-3 seconds. I am looking every time at the logs and really dont know why i am losing connection. Is there anyone with same issues or someone who can help?

this is the exact time that i was losing packages.

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Which log file is it?
update: nevermind, found it