Xiaomi AX3600 INT firmware

Topped you off! Thanks for helping get this operating!!!


Wow. Thank you a lot. Tomorrow will buy the router. And start working on it ASAP

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Wow!!! Congratulations!!! It will not be easy way, kinda of reverse engeneering will be a lot :-/ But I am sure, you will get rid of this beast :wink:
By the way, my five cents went as well :wink:
But very important thing are, how to get it out from "deep" brick :-/ There are folk around, who can't get it out by normal way :frowning:

@robimarko is working hard and we currently have boot + wifi (more or less)
Will help a lot with nss and enable all the feature


FYI I found the AX3600 at 99€ in a shop which should have a warehouse in Italiy. However I don't know if it's a scam or not, so I'll write the website name without the link: a1smartstore. They also have the Redmi AX6 (the cost down version of the AX3600) and the AX1800 and AX5

@Ansuel sorry I've missed the reply. Seems that you have managed to rise the $$ for the router. Sorry that couldn't donate my 5 cents at time.

I just bought a Chinese version from ebay. Can you tell me if is there any procedure to install the international firmware and if is there any openWRT version?
Thank you

You must read the thread instead of wasting our time. Procedure is also linked on https://openwrt.org/inbox/toh/xiaomi/xiaomi_ax3600


Latest chinese firmware here --> http://cdn.cnbj1.fds.api.mi-img.com/xiaoqiang/rom/r3600/miwifi_r3600_firmware_71e96_1.0.227.bin


The latest known chinese firmware to me was 1.0.67 (miwifi_r3600_firmware_f7f3e_1.0.67.bin). The mi-webpage lists this version released on 6th of July 2020.
Where did you get 1.0.227 from, what is the release date and is there a changelog available?

that radio is 30 dbm max txpower, you can do all the change you like.the only radio I know and can push 35 dbm is Mikrotik radio.

I read in the 4pda forum that a router with firmware 1.0.67 received a warning to update to version 1.0.227. And some of the recently purchased routers already ship with version .227. That's why I deduced that it is after 67

can confirm CN router updates to 1.0.227

could you process it with xqrepack and keep root/ssh?

Processed with xqrepack (SSH plus Mi bloatware removed/disabled):

With Mi functionality retained (only OTA predownload disabled):


Is that spam?

Thanks for repacking it.

Neither sysupgrade from CLI, nor the Web UI would allow me to flash the SSH-enabled 1.0.227 you posted over the original CN 1.0.17. Any suggestions?

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https://github.com/geekman/xqrepack#usage look at #5 on how to flash.


im already CN version 67. Should i update to 227 repacked above or international version repacked 3.0.22 ? one better over other ?

@apolkosnik @alllexx88 -- thank you gentlemen, I was able to update my CN 1.0.17 to repacked 1.0.227 and retain SSH access. I was also hoping to switch the Web UI to english, but couldn't find that setting -- any help?