Xiaomi AX3600 INT firmware

How do you change the country in the bdata? I have permanent SSH.

Hello there, I just received my AX3600 global version. Its Version: 3.0.22 and about 5-6 times per day i get dropouts and losing packages with Wi-fi(5Gz) for 2-3 seconds. I am looking every time at the logs and really dont know why i am losing connection. Is there anyone with same issues or someone who can help?

this is the exact time that i was losing packages.

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Which log file is it?
update: nevermind, found it

unfortunatelly, it did not work, even when both are set to same region or one is configured as a main router and the secondary still has the welcome page, where you select the region. Not working...

Same issue for me :frowning:

Update: managed set it up.

  • With Romania selected on main router, and then probably other countries, mesh did not work, even with the script.
  • With Singapore selected, did not managed to even connect to the main router
  • It did work by selecting Germany on main router:
    -> set it up as a router without any extra special settings (did select the 3 options at initial setup: update, enable mimo, and another one, can't remember what was the third), added the router in MiWifi
    -> the second router (ax3600) immediately after factory reset, in close vecinity
    -> ran the script: https://github.com/ShotokanZH/MiWiFi_Mesh_Node_Adder (thank you again ShotokanZH)
    -> the first difference that i did observe was an actual reboot, previously it never did a reboot -> after a couple of minutes i could see the node added in the mesh, after that moved it away

(i have ax3600 global version. tx power is 20 dbm, i have changed country cn in bdata, and now 30 dbm.

but i have 2 questions,

1)how can i change back to original bdata for 20 dbm(i wanna set country code=eu), i have tried same way but it doesnt effect, still 30 dbm

2)may i set tx power 25dbm or 23 dbm or any number? 27 dbm high for me, but 20 dbm is low.

can someone help me?")

Hi i also search for an option to set a tx power but for now i cant find a script.

hi,i have ax3600 with cable bridge mode, normal wifi is bad 6.98mb/s, 5g is 88.53mb/s, with company router is 16.5mb/s and 5g 310mb/s, tested with my celular, this is normal?

Hi, anyone can confirm if UDP is working or not?
I'm going nut, using the router connected VIA CABLE to a modem in bridge, firewall off , upnp off and if I open the ports and if I check using nmap or canyouseeme, it is closed, (and so my vpn on port 51820 is not accessible from outside).
Tried also with DMZ and no dice.
is there anything that can be done? I understood a custom openwrt is not stil available ?
PS I have a Chinese version, with latest international fw

Go to the Advanced page in the router page and check if you have bandwidth limit set to lower values. Increase them to the maximum that your internet plan says and do the speed test again. Tell us your results.

i dont have bandwidht limit, with bridge mode or no bridge mode, wifi is poor, my old router tenda is more faster than xiaomi in wifi mode, but testing with my computer,normal wifi 70mb/s, 5g is 72mb/s, i have global firmware with bd data cn.

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Hi my router has bricked, i tried miwifirepair, but only flashing blue light, i waited 15 minutes, after than unplug and plug, but again red light, what can i do

I've followed the advice from 4pda forums. By simply re-positioning the router to face in an opposite direction, Wi-Fi connection has finally managed to be on par with the rest of the industry.

Unfortunately, the built-in steering algorithm doesn't switch between 2.4 and 5GHz in the most optimal way. With my densely populated 2.4GHz range, my only option to stream video remains 5GHz.

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I'm not talking about Smart QOS bandwidth limit. It is on the same page and either you have to do speed test in the router page itself (as with chinese stock firmware) or you have to manually give those values. If you feed wrong values (lower values) than what your internet provider is giving, that the router speed will be throttle to those value.

I bought the ax3600 from European distribution. Due to the relatively poor range, I want to change CoutryCode to CN or SG and stay with the Global software. As per the forum instructions, I downgraded to 1.0.17 to access SSH and changed CountryCode using the command:

nvram set CountryCode = XX
nvram commit

As a result, the transmission power increased to 30 dBm. Then I installed the Global software in the latest version. Poor coverage returned with the update. However, the CN / SG region was still in the settings. I also tried resetting the router to factory settings and setting the country via the GUI.

After reinstalling1.0.17 and checking in SSH with the command below

nvram get CountryCode

CountryCode was showing EU.

Could you plese give me a step by step instruction on how change CountryCode in bdata to CN / SG permanently? So I would be able to use Global software and keep the 30dBm.

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There are a lot of instructions around, but basically they are just few, but posted on different sources. Use search, Google etc :wink: I guess there was link to in this thread. And follow instructions very strictly and carefully!!! Otherwise you will run back and wiii... why it doesn't work or even will brick your router.

I bought the ax3600 as well. I'm sorry that I spam a little bit a thread, but I tried to use Uncle Google (as Aivarss suggested), however I couldn't find any guide steps by step regarding CN or SG region code. Have you found any useful link with a step by step guide? Thanks in advance.

I actually tried every available instruction that you can find via Google. Like this one:

Non of them worked. CountryCode was switching back to EU every time I was installing Global firmware. I tried a few times - no luck. I guess there is now way to change region to SG, use Global and Mi WiFi app. I'll try to gain permanent SSH and change CountryCode in Global, but I guess this gonna crash Mi WiFi app. The best way is to buy a chinese one.

On this forum as well :-/

Thank you, but the guide which you linked is a step-by-step instruction on how to gain SSH access and change CountryCode in early Chinese firmware. Definitely, it's not an instruction we are looking for.

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