Xiaomi AX3600 - inability to update

Hello, I've been using snapshot builds on Xiaomi AX3600 for a while, however I ran into an issue as of recent.

For a while I've been running SNAPSHOT r23110-dc2d4d7393, but recently I tried to update and followed the recommended steps as usual - namely stopping wpad before updating, as otherwise sysupgrade failed. I've stopped wpad as usual, but despite that - the update keeps failing, even if I give it enough time (I let the service stop completely and even waited up to 5 minutes before running sysupgrade).

What should I do? Is there any other method to run an update?

how is it failing? any error message? is it rebooting and just not updated? which image do you try to flash? which command?

I cannot read any errors, since I update via SSH and doing the following:

service wpad stop
sleep 10
sysupgrade /tmp/update.bin

And everything disconnects me after I'm done. Router reboots, and version stays all the same. As for the image, I tried to flash the latest one built via sysupgrade.openwrt.org, specific version being SNAPSHOT - r23370-244328b19c, and including all the packages I currently have on current firmware.

It used to fail the same way in the past until I was told to stop wpad, since it was a known issue. But nowadays I'm out of ideas.

for me it worked these days with r23364-9519a62549 (so maybe a day or two before you)
and i tested it today with r23375-cdfcac6e24 both times via auc and it worked flawless.

It still doesn't work, I have tried it multiple times with different firmwares. Any other idea how to force the update?