Xiaomi Ax3200 Bricked

Hi everyone,
Im not familiar with OpenWRT so much, thats why im writing here.
i have a router Xiaomi AX3200 and i succesfully i flashed the OpenWRT but after a while no matter what my router Get Bricked, i tried diffrent version but still same,
can someone help me with this problem? and i need to tell you that i dont have UART usb to get the logs after my router bricks.

What do you consider to be "bricked", what are the exact symptoms?
What did you do before bricking it?
What optional packages did you install (could they have filled up the flash/ RAM by a problematic configuration)?
What's the time frame for it getting bricked?
Can you unbrick it, how (is https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/troubleshooting/failsafe_and_factory_reset enough, tftp recovery, etc. pp. or is it bricked for good)?

Serial console access would be your eyes and ears, having it would help you a lot - with slow shipping from China they're in the ~1.30 buck range, so worth having (soldering equipment would be advantageous, but not strictly required).

The biggest risk for this device is the initial flashing process, afterwards there wouldn't be any real risks to be expected. Maybe it suffers from OKD-like (e8450/ rt3200) behaviour, but I haven't heard about that on this device so far. Either way, you will have to get into more details (serial console logs would help a lot).
Personally I don't own any mt7622bv based devices so far (and would go to filogic 8x0 now), so I have no experience with this (or similar) devices, but I have run OpenWrt (on the same device) 24/7 with regular updates for up to 7 years so far (before I wanted a hardware upgrade, due to changing requirements - and the devices are still functional, just not very desirable for normal uses anymore), so premature failure isn't expected to be caused by OpenWrt in general.

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I've found a solution for the issue with your Xiaomi AX3200 router bricking after a few restarts following the installation of OpenWRT—it seems to be related to a bootloader problem. In my case, the bootloader version was 2022.

Execute the following commands to prepare device for OpenWrt flashing:

nvram set ssh_en=1
nvram set uart_en=1
nvram set boot_wait=on
nvram set flag_boot_success=1
nvram set flag_try_sys1_failed=0
nvram set flag_try_sys2_failed=0
nvram commit

For the 2022 bootloader, this option is incorrect!

For a new bootloader you should do this:

nvram set boot_fw1="run boot_rd_img;bootm"
nvram set flag_try_sys1_failed=8
nvram set flag_try_sys2_failed=8
nvram set flag_boot_rootfs=0
nvram set flag_boot_success=1
nvram set flag_last_success=1
nvram commit