Xiaomi AIoT Router AC2350 vs AX1800 (AX5/RA67) for OpenWrt

Hello. I'm looking into buying a new router on which I plan to install OpenWRT in the future but I can't decide which one to buy.

I'm between the 1. Xiaomi AIoT Router AC2350 and the 2. Xiaomi AX1800 (AX5/RA67).
1 has OpenWRT support and 2 doesn't (at the moment).

Currently, I don't have any Wi-Fi 6 devices but I find compelling the AX1800's better hardware specs (CPU, RAM). Also, I don't know which one would have better range and best performance with Wi-Fi 5 devices.

Which of these would your recommend in terms of better OpenWRT support and better hardware?

I'd buy an used AC router, and wait for better AX support, and AX capable clients.

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It's rather safe to predict that the ax5 will 'never' be supported by OpenWrt at all (not enough RAM, 256 MB, for ath11k). If you want 802.11ax alternatives, look at mt7622+mt7915, maybe mt7621+mt7915 or ipq807x with at least 512 MB RAM (redmi ax6/ xiaomi ax3600) - and even ipq807x support will still take more time to be merged (see the ax3600 thread for details).

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great, thanks for the advice!