Xiaomi 4A R4AC Wireless ISSUE

Hey guys I got myself the new Xiaomi 4A R4AC Chinese hardware
I installed OpenWRT on this router successfully, But I am facing issues on default settings on this router.
I've already tried the snapshot version too. but same issue.
the 5Ghz wifi doesnt show up on android devices, It shows up on IOS and laptops but is very very slow on IOS devices only. and the 2.4G is also so damn slow on IOS devices idk why?
I have tried tinkering with the channel width and the AC,N,Legacy setting but sadly no gain, Everything works fine on the original firmware though.
Any help would be Highly appreciated.

What is your location?

Have you tried setting wifi channels 1 & 36 ?

Update: I've just checked my 4A Gigabit model loaded with snapshot from 18 March 2022. My Windows laptop and Amazon Firestick Lite can see and connect to the R4AG on SSID on channel 36.

However, my Redmi Note 9 Android phone can't see the same 5 GHz SSID.

Laptop and android phone can see the 2.4 GHz SSID.

My location is Pakistan.
Router works too well on it's original firmware.
Though my Xiaomi stick also cannot see the wifi lol.

I will post a SS of wireless config.

Did you find an OpenWRT version that's working well?

I'd prefer the latest v19 myself. Like 19.07.8, but I don't know if there's a good stable image for the R4AC.