Xiaomi 4A R4AC (non gigabit) bricked

I tryed to installed OpenWrt but I took the wrong firmware (I took the Gigabit version instead of the 100M version) after flashing I bricked it... I try te recover it with Xiaomi Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition (R4AG/R4A Gigabit) -- fully supported and flashable with OpenWRTInvasion - #678 by Zorro but the "test.bin" does not look like correct. How can I restore my router as it was before? can I use TinyPXE.zip to install a working firmware? Where can I download a working firmware?

if it is possible to fix it with an spi connection I have the material to do but I don't know how to plug the wires....

Thank you in advance.


It depends whether you have the global version or the china version.

I would bet given the experiences of many recent posters who have the R4AC (100Mbit) that you have a recent international version. In that case, this image is what you need
Xiaomi R4AC - Problems installing OpenWrt - #3 by TheCheshireMan

Check out this thread for further information on determining the variant of R4AC that you have:
Xiaomi Mi Router 4A - R4AC New revision


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just flash your router with spi flash programer . remove flash chip attached to programer flash this file http://fumacrom.com/cFKY and resolder the chip to your router and enjoy open wrt to your router dump file [http://fumacrom.com/cFKY] update file update
just use manually flash

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hello , can you upload the file again nine because I have my r4ac wrong ge flashed

link update

My miwifi r4ac was originally global version. After bricked it, I used the miwifi tool downloaded from chinese miwifi site and Tiny PXE server tool as alternative, and recovered it, but now it's chinese version. How can I get back to global version with these recovery tools?
I'm scared of bricking it again, so I just want it back in the pristine state, not need to flash openwrt.