Xiaomi 4A Gigabit RJ45 sockets won't latch

I picked up a cheap new/unused Giga version of this router off eBay. It shipped with Global v2.28.132 firmware which upgraded to v3.0.24.

However, I noticed a lot of my ethernet cables won't latch into the WAN and LAN sockets. The cables fall out if I wiggle them a bit.

I solved the problem by modifying the white ABS case. Now when I push the ethernet plug into the socket, there is a loud click to confirm the plug is latched in place.


Was my 4A Giga from a bad early production batch, or are all R4AG like this?


Yes I had to do that to mine.

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Manufacturers delivering such s.... should be punished.
Mozart has a good proposal in his The Abduction from the Seraglio, Act #3:

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Of course, nowadays it's illegal to impale someone on hot rods in most countries, but we have another punishment that hurts: Loss of sales / revenue. Don't buy this stuff.


The R3Gv2, 4A(100m), 4A(Gigabit), and 4C all seem to have similar recessed RJ45 sockets.
(image from OpenWrt wiki pages)

I'm just surprised loose ethernet cables does not seem to be widely reported with these routers, hence why I'm wonder whether I received one from a bad production batch? It was Open box New and cheap - ie. customer returns item. Cables keep falling out....?

The older 3, 4 and current AC2100 don't have recessed RJ45 sockets.