Xiaomi 4A gigabit bricked

Hello. Can someone please help me with that. Bricked my router. And every method and firmware doesn't work to debrick it. It's always stuck on flashing purple light forever. It's 2022 version

more details you should tell us:

your original factory fw version,
flash chip part number,
how did you bricked it,
do your have a serial connection,
the bootloader dead or not......

Firmware 3.0.27
It's cfeon, where is part number is located?
Installing openwrt sys upgrade with program exploit
How to know it is dead or not?

CFeon QX128A 104 HIP

Have you tried TinyPXE?

Yes and MiWiFiRepairToolx86

Have you seen line in log of TinyPXE like 'DoReadFile'?

Yes, and after that it's stuck on purple flash blinking

OK, and what is the start of MAC? 24?

00-00-AA-BB-CC-DD this is MAC


Thank you so much, very good information, so as I see it's impossible to recover in my case. Because all I got is only ethernet connection to the router and no other tools and ways.

So openwrt sysupgrade broke the bootloader :smiling_face_with_tear:


The router and the computer are physically connected, and if the details of the computer's network connection are available, it can be restored. Please take a screenshot.

Nice joke, good luck!

What, I wasn joking