Xiaomi 3g router usb hdd problem

Hello! Please help me.
I use xiaomi 3g router with openwrt 19.07.1. I dont have problems with my 300gb hdd wd, but when i install new hdd WD blue 1tb i got problem. It alwys remounting, it can remount in 5 minutes in 12 hours in 24 hours. It can remount when i watch video from dlna, download torrent, do nothing and just turn off all services. It absolulty random unmount and mount again. I try ntfs, ext4 and format 50 times in different programs - same problem. I reinstall openwrt 10 times and same problem.
Error in log - blk_partition_remap: fail for partition 1.
I try this hdd with my notebook with win7 and there absolutly no problems.
log - https://cloud.mail.ru/public/4Zbz/4Xx1jcSnE

Is it USB3?

Yes, usb 3.0