Xiaomi 3G best cost benefit?

Hi, community friends, how are you? What can you say about the XIAOMI 3G router, would it be a good buy to run OPENWRT 18.06? Is cost benefit better these days? Or would it be better than this? Another doubt the xiaomi 3g with mediatek works perfectly well on LEDE 18.06?

Don't get it if you need something reliable or 2.4G wifi.

Dualband and reliable that works perfectly well with the latest version of openwrt.

Unless you have a very strict budget I would honestly recommend you to look at a router that uses ARM (v7 or newer) instead of a MIPS based SoC. IPQ4*** are quite cheap and should work fairly well by now, another option would be something like the Turris MOX however don't expect OpenWrt support OOTB even though their software is based on OpenWrt.


Is this true if you only need home access points and not something that routes?

I have an x86 router, and am looking for something decent/cheap that runs OpenWRT until there are decent OpenWRT 802.11ax access points.

Yes, that's true. That's the setup I run myself. x86 (AMD64) box running FreeBSD and a WRT3200ACM as AP running OpenWrt.

There are reports where MIPS platforms (mainly ath10k) bottlenecks due to the CPU (SOC) on 11ac however that's above ~400mbit as far as I understand and that seems reasonable given the routing performance of QCA/Atheros SoCs. I can't say I've noticed such issues on MT7621 based platforms but that's mainly because the mt76 driver and hardware doesn't reach such transfer rates over wireless. I don't know if the Xiaomi box performs similar to other MT7621 routers such as the D-Link DIR-860L but I do get the impression that it's a bit more flakey.

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:+1: on an x86_64/AMD64 router and separate APs, with services running on hosts not on the router. OpenWrt for the AP, a server-grade OS on the router and service hosts, with FreeBSD being my preference.

It would be nice for the community to report the use of the stability and problems that exist in XIAOMI 3G, as it is an excellent router with 2 cores and 4 cpu threads (780 mhz) + 256 mb ddr3 + 128mb rom. He's a monster. It costs only 30-35 dollars.


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