Xiami Mini (21.02.0) with 2 2.4G networks randomly restarts

I am looking for help on how to troubleshoot my router , i added another wifi hotspot on the 2.4G side and works great, the idea is to make sure what ever is connected on the other network wont talk to the original 2.4 and 5G networks.
When i configure it worked fine for a while but then the restarts start happening so i decided to upgrade i was running something like 14.09 now i am at latest release but the problem persist, i wonder what logs i cloud be checking in other to get more information about what is going on, when the problem occurs.

I would stay away from the bleeding edge versions.

how can i know which is the most stable release?
This only happens with the extra wifi interface, it never happen before that.

I heard 17 was pretty good.

My own device is currently running 19.0x versions. Weak wifi is evident, but stable so far.

i think i tried that one 19.09 cant remember but is there a log i can see what the error is?
Which would be the logs to check for problems like this? I just need to understand.

Try these commands:


Or in luci navigate to Status -> system or kernel logs