Xfinity WiFI help, it works , but can it be made better

Hello, Complete noob here. I don't know much about networks or WIFI, just very basic knowledge, and used the very helpful forum and website on OpenWRT.
-Please excuse my basic, simple(maybe wrong) explanations, but check how my setup can be improved.
-You might have to explain it in the same basic simple way, or I can message you so you break it down for me.

  • I have and pay for Comcast business at my office, so I get to use Xfinity Wi fi Free everywhere, with Login.
    I have Linksys EA8300, installed OpenWRT.
  • Connected it to Xfinity Wifi as a Client
    A- same time Created WI FI network, and the computer that is connected to the router LAN has internet
    IT WORKS, You have to LoG IN every 4-5-6 hours or 2-3 times a day when you need internet, but you do it from a cell or laptop...and then all users on the network have internet.

The problem I'm trying to see if it can be made better

  1. If I leave my house, the internet will turn off and require login again.
    Not great for Security cameras or Romba.
  • that Captive Portal thing...or the Log in....because recently changed said...if you have WINDOWS 10, you can go in some settings of the network and add a Username and PAss and won't require login.
    I there some setting Windows 10 added...that wrt might have and I have not searched enough to find?
  1. After 3-4 Months of continuous use, it would stop working, not connect...
    Xfinity Wi fi that has no password, will just disconnect all Computers or cell phones that have been on the network for 2-3 months.
    It tells you you need a login, as soon as you click to open it...Kicks you off the WI FI. You reconnect, the same thing.
  • Solution...I go on OPEN WRT Router settings.
    Completely REMOVE the CLIENT Xfinity WIFI
    Click Scan, reconnect Xfinity WiFi, and Create a new client. WORKS FINE. 10min

I'm guessing after 3-4 months, the addresses of all connected devices are remembered and Xfinity has had enough..They want you to pay. Excuse my basic question but.
Can I make it more random, like the devices or does the ROUTER send more random info on what's connected?
Obviously deleting the client and reconnecting again works, can it be done by itself.

thank you to anyone that might improove my setup

Do you have a physical Xfinity service connection in your home, or are you using the free Xfinitity Wifi (wireless from neighboring users) while you are at home?

If the former, you will want to connect your router via wire directly to the incoming service (i.e. the cable modem or gateway they provide).

If the latter, you are using the service in a way that it really isn't designed to be used. It is just that the way they have designed the free wifi infrastructure is really to be used while you are on the go. For example, you visit a friend or a family member with Xfinity, or you're out and about at a business, or just randomly walking in your neighborhood... you can just simply hop onto the free network, authenticate, and you're good to go. But it is intended for short periods. It is not intended to replace a home service connection. As such, they will require (re-)authentication every so often and/or when devices are disassociated and then re-associated. You probably won't find any easy work-arounds for this -- it isn't an issue with OpenWrt and I am not aware of anything that OpenWrt can do to 'fix' it (although maybe someone else will have some ideas). This is really an issue with the way that Comcast has designed that service and the purpose it is designed to serve. It is not designed to replace a service connection to your home.

EDIT: Here are the T&C's of the Xfinitiy Wifi service. In my quick read-through, I didn't see anything that prohibits the way you are using the service, but IANAL and I could be wrong. That said, Comcast has designed the service as an 'extension' to your home/business service, not a replacement for one of them. Therefore, the service is designed based on the temporal use of the free wifi services, and they have no incentive to make it easier for anyone to use the service the way you are currently doing -- they'd much rather sell you another service connection.