XD3200 flash problem

First sorry for my english I'm French.
I recovered some no-name access points and after opening them, I saw that they were XD3200. However, even after resetting them, I cannot access the web interface of the product, whether on the WAN or LAN port (I can see it on my DHCP when I plug it into the WAN). I don't know where to start to flash it with an alternative ROM. Thank you in advance.

Do you get an IP (via DHCP) when your computer is connected to a lan port? If so, can you connect via ssh to the device? If it's running OpenWrt, the default IP would be, and if it happens to run a snapshot, it wouldn't have the web interface installed, so but you would have ssh (username root, no password in the default/reset state)

Thks for answer.
I don't have when connect to LAN port.
Peripheral not running openwrt, I think it's a custom firmware (citypassenger ?).
No SSH access as good as WAN or LAN port

You will probably need to reach out to the vendor for support.

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